Life at KFUPM

KFUPM provides a vibrant living and academic experience to all of our community. We want your university experience to be socially and academically fulfilling in a safe and comfortable environment. Therefore, we are committed to promoting KFUPM’s community well-being through various services such as sports, accommodations, recreation, social activities, transportation, primary healthcare, and security on campus.

Student Accommodation and Dining

At KFUPM, we are committed to ensuring students are connected to their peers and have the opportunity to live on campus in a socially safe and fun community.

The University provides a convenient and comfortable living experience to eligible students on campus. In addition, the residence halls and apartments are designed to connect students to the community and offer support in their journey at KFUPM.

The student housing is well-equipped with modern facilities where security and maintenance services are available 24/7 to ensure a pleasant stay at KFUPM.

KFUPM also provides multiple venues for dining: a wide selection of cafeterias, dining halls, and restaurants are available throughout the campus.


A healthcare facility is available on campus to offer convenience, and optimal medical attention throughout your time as a student at KFUPM.

Athletics and Fitness

The KFUPM campus promotes a healthy lifestyle to students and faculty by providing gyms and sporting facilities, including swimming pools, tracks, and courts for multiple sports.

For sports enthusiasts, KFUPM offers students the opportunity to be part of the different clubs and intramural sports activities that occur throughout the year.

Recreation and Entertainment

KFUPM provides diverse facilities and services to promote an active and social lifestyle to all its community members:

The Student Mall has become a center of attraction for all students, where many enjoy their leisure time after classes. There are a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and other entertainment facilities all combined in one modern state-of-the-art building. In addition, this has become a popular recreation facility that remains filled with students during the weekends due to the wide range of available activities under one roof.

The Boulevard is another entertainment center for students to enjoy, including study areas, gaming machines, table tennis, and foosball tables.

Student clubs

To complement their academics and research, students can also participate in a wide variety of student-led clubs to suit their interests and entertainment, such as arts, book, photography, architecture, and many more.