Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is one of the most important strategic fields in the world from at least two aspects: first, its effect on the infrastructure of the country such as air transportation, civil aviation, industry, and economy; second, its relevance to defence issues including Air Force and Air Defence.

The Aerospace Engineering (AE) Program is designed to cover all fundamental aspects. The curriculum includes general education courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Islamic and Arabic Studies, English, and Physical Education. The program also provides the students with a strong base in the main areas of Aerospace Engineering: Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics, Flight Dynamics and Control, Aerospace Structures, Flight Propulsion and other related fields such as Aerospace Systems Maintenance, Helicopter, Avionics, Flight Traffic Control, Flight Safety, Electronic Warfare and Radar, Astronautics and current trending topics like Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Moreover, the curriculum is also augmented by several elective courses in various branches of Aerospace Engineering.


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