College of Chemicals and Materials

The College of Chemicals and Materials provides programs in the Physical Sciences at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The College also offers science service courses for students enrolled in all of the other colleges. The College includes the Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences and Engineering and Bioengineering. The programs of the College are formulated to provide the Kingdom with students that are skilled in ways of understanding the world and to make them prepared to respond thoughtfully to learning opportunities and personal challenges that come their way. Education in the College seeks to transform the students into well-informed, engaged and empowered individuals. The classes are small in size to facilitate teaching thereby engaging students in a vigorous and in-depth active learning. We offer multiple opportunities from a wide range of disciplinary programs. Learning through first-hand experience towards a substantial and meaningful education is one objective. Students are encouraged to develop an academic plan that includes study abroad, internships in fields of interest, independent research, and extra curricular experiences that complement learning in their chosen major.

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